SAMETI Academic Committee
  • There shall be an academic committee consisting of the following members:
    • The Director of SAMETI shall be the Chairman of the Academic Committee.
    • The Representatives from Agril. Horticulture, Soil Conservation, Animal Husbandry and fisheries department not below the rank of Joint Director.
    • Three faculty members of SAMETI nominated by the Director, SAMETI.
    • Principal, E.E.I., A.N.G.R.A.U.
  • Every meeting of the academic committee shall be presided by the Chairman and in his absence the academic committee will elect a chairman for the specific meeting.
  • Five members of the academic committee shall constitute the quorum.

The academic committee shall deal with Policy matters relating to research and training. It shall also function as the committee on evaluation. It shall deal with matters, proposals or schemes relating to the following subjects referred to it or initiated by it or otherwise.