• Agriculture Officers :

    • The main duty of Agricultural Officers is to assist the co-ordinators(ADAs) during the Training Programmes allotted. In addition to this, they assist the concerned ADAs in other duties of SAMETI like Library maintenance, Classroom arrangements, Website Development, Hostel and Garden maintenance, organizing PGDAEM contact classes, Examinations etc.

    Aims and objectives of SAMETI:
    • To function as State Agricultural Management And Extension Training Institute at State level and to provide extension management input for extension functionaries of Agricultural and line departments.
    • To develop systematic linkages between the line departments, state universities and regional and national institutes of outstanding accomplishments in the field of agriculture.
    • To study the Agricultural Extension Management System and policies together with operational problems and constraints at all levels.
    • To promote and develop the management tools for improving the effectiveness of Agricultural Extension Services through the mechanism of personnel management, resource management and input management.
    • To organize need based trainings for senior, middle and gross root level functionaries for developing skills in executing extension programmes.

  • Power and duties of Officers and Employees

  • Procedure followed in decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability

    Delegation of powers to the Director
    Sl.No Nature of Power Extent of Powers delegated
    1 To pay salaries and other allowances to the staff as per State Govt. rules and as per their entitlement Full powers
    2 To sanction dearness allowance to the employees of the institute as per State Govt. decision. Full powers
    3 To sanction honorarium to persons invited for attending to the work of the Institute within the state also to sanction expenditure incurred on their transportation, boarding and lodging. Full powers
    4 To reimburse the employees of the Institute conveyance charges incurred by them in connection with official work at head-quarters and outstations. Full powers
    5 To sanction payment of electric, gas and water charges. Full powers
    6 To sanction, hire, purchase and repair of office equipment fixtures and furniture, water coolers, air conditioners, typewriters, fans, clocks, call bells, calculating machines, intercoms electronic stencil cutters, Dictaphones tape recorders, photo copiers, franking machines, addressographs filing and indexing systems etc. Full powers
    7 Personal Computer Full powers
    8 Hire and maintenance of computers of all kinds. Full powers
    9 To sanction freight and demurrage/wharfage charges Full powers
    10 To sanction legal charges Full powers
    11 To sanction hire, purchase, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles & Bicycles Full powers
    12 To sanction payment of taxes and rates Full powers
    13 To sanction payment of postal and telegraph charges Full powers
    14 To sanction expenditure for printing and binding Full powers
    15 To sanction purchase of newspapers, periodicals, books etc. Full powers
    16 To sanction printing articles and purchase of stores and stationery Full powers
    17 To sanction supply of liveries, badges and other articles of clothing etc., and washing allowance Full powers
    18 To sanction payment of telephone charges of office and residence (including installation) Full powers
    19 Power to sanction travel by air for urgent work in case of emergencies Full powers
    20 To sanction hospitality Full powers
    21 To hire office accommodation Full powers
    22 To sanction expenditure and execute appropriate contracts. Not exceeding Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Norms for discharge of functions

    All the faculty members are to discharge the functions as per the training calendar and any other function allotted to them by the Director from time to time. All the faculty members are assigned with the work relating to various subjects /programmes.

    For Training Calendar Click Here
  • Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held or under its control used by employees for discharge of functions.

    The employees of SAMETI should follow the provisions contained in the Service bye Laws and Financial Bye Laws of the institution. Where a doubt persists in any area of administrative/financial matters in discharging the function, a reference is made to the Executive Council/Ministry of Agriculture for obtaining necessary guidance and instructions.
  • Statement of categories of documents held or under its control

  • Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or its implementation.

    The general supervision of SAMETI activities vests with the General Council presided over by the Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh. The General Council exercises overall control and issues directions for the efficient management and administration of the affairs of SAMETI.

    The General Council has 24 members drawn from different Agril. & Allied departments, National and State Agril. Institutions.

    The Executive Council is responsible for the actual implementation of policy matters, in accordance with the Rules and Bye Laws.

    The Executive Council consists of 9 members of which including representatives with the Principal Secretary (Agriculture & Cooperation), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Andhra Pradesh as its Chairman.

  • A statement of the Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice and as open to the public of the minutes thereof accessible to the public. This Institute is managed by:

    General Council
    Executive Council
    Academic Committee

    SAMETI Faculty

    The Director, SAMETI is the Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The faculty of SAMETI are of Assistant Director of Agriculture and Agriculture Officers cadre deals with different sections such as Extension, Agronomy, Entomology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Soil Conservation, Pest Surveillance and Plant Protection Measures.

  • A Directory of officers and employees of SAMETI (Phone No.)

    Sl.No Name Designation Contact No
    1 D.Koteshwara Rao ADA(Admn) 8886614829
    2 G.Vidya Sagar ADA 8886612739
    3 Dr. B. Jhansi Laxmi ADA 8886614831
    4 B. Vijaya Sri ADA 8886614845
    5 N. Anitha ADA 8886614783
    6 Dr.D.Praveen ADA 8886612445
    7 M.Sudha Rani ADA 8886614784
    8 K.Sailaja ADA 8886614792
    9 A.Parvathi ADA 8886614856
    10 K. Chandrakala AO 8886614793
    11 G.Kalpana AO 8886614794
    12 I.K.Srinivas AO 8886614328
    13 B.L.Madhavi AO 8886614795
    14 G.Balanageshwaramma AO 8886614796
    15 K.V.G.K.Vara Prasad AO 8886614781
  • Monthly remuneration received by each officer and employee, including the system of compensation as provided in the regulations.

    The Officers and employees in SAMETI appointed in various posts carrying scales of pay prescribed by Govt. of AP and are paid monthly pay and allowances at the rates applicable to State Govt. employees. The employees are also eligible for Provident Fund and Pensionary benefits applicable to State Government.

    Monthly Remuneration of SAMETI faculty, Officers and staff.

    Sl.No. Name & Designation Total Salary (Rs)
    1 G.Nareemani, Director 66678/-
    2 D.Koteshwara Rao, ADA 89316/-
    3 B.Jhansi Laxmi, ADA 63624/-
    4 Sudharshan Reddy, ADA 56048/-
    5 M.Laxman Kumar, ADA 53096/-
    6 P. Subodini, ADA 62163/-
    7 B. Vijaya Sri, ADA 49595/-
    8 N. Anitha, ADA 36375/-
    9 G.Kalpana 53096/-
    10 Dr.D.Praveen, ADA 54702/-
    11 M.Sudha Rani, ADA 40845/-
    12 R. Sandhya Rani, AO 39792/-
    13 B.L. Madhavi, AO 39792/-
    14 K.Seetha Bhagyalaxmi, AO 33667/-
    15 K.V.G.K.Vara Prasad, AO 30193/-
    16 S.Ramadevi,Suptd 43129/-
    17 Mohd.Basheeruddin, Supdt(Accounts) 44256/-
    18 Syed Moinud Hasan, Senior Asst. 39792/-
    19 B.Uma Devi, Senior Asst. 30193/-
    20 M.Naveen Kumar, Senior Asst. 20996/-
    21 Yadaiah, Junior Asst 31856/-
    22 B. Prabhakar Rao, Mech 46704/-
    23 M.A.Mateen, AEO 51710/-
    24 Rahamath Ali, AEO 61903/-
    25 Fayazuddin, AEO 40845/-
    26 M.A. Masood, Driver -- /-
    27 D. Ramchander, Chainmen 25631/-
    28 T. Bhaskar, Workman 23490/-
    29 B. Mary, Sweeper 30193/-
    30 Krishna, Garden Mali 31024/-
    31 G. Laxman, Garden Mali 31024/-
    32 A.Sattaiah, Office Subordinate 31874/-
    33 Subhadra, Office Subordinate 26312/-
  • Names and designations and other particulars of Public Information Officers

    The details are as under:

  • PublicInformationOfficer
    1 Name & Designation : D. Koteshwara Rao, Assistant Director of Agriculture
    2 Office Address : State Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) Old Malakpet Hyderabad-500 036
    Residence Address : H.No. 11-13-184/5,Green Hills Colony,Road No:3, Saroornagar, Hyderabad.
    3 Contact Nos. : Office:040-24558069
    4 Fax No : 040-24548553
    5 E-Mail address of CPIO :

    1 Name & Designation : S.Rama Devi, Superintendent
    2 Office Address : State Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) Old Malakpet Hyderabad-500 030
    Residence Address : Flat No. 302, Street No:6, Nalakunta, Hyderabad.
    3 Contact Nos. : Office: 040-24558069
    Fax No:040-24548553
  • And such other information as may be prescribed. (XVII) Appellate Authority:

    Smt. G.Nareemani,
    Director, SAMETI,
    State Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI)
    Old Malakpet, Hyderabad-500 030

    Ph No.: 040-24558071
    Fax No.: 040-24558072
    Email ID: